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All the pre-owned designer items presented on Vintage-United belong to their Owners/Sellers. 
The selling prices of all items presented on the Website determined in consultation with the individual Seller.
All the prices are Fix, we don't accept any Offers on our products.
In the exceptional situations we may offer the Buyer a Fix Discount, that can be used for the purchase of one selected product.
The prices are not include delivery costs, which will be added to the total amount due by the check out.
The prices are not include the payment fees and depending on the payment method of your individual choice.

According to the European Low of Exception the second hand or used goods are not subject to VAT (BTW)
The prices are not include VAT(BTW), the buyer is not entitled to claim a VAT(BTW) input on the goods.


Vintage-United provide you secure shopping and offers the following payment methods through our secure check-out system:
- PayPal;- Bank Transfer;- Credit Card;- Sofort;- IDeal
- Payment by Instalments - accepted, Layaway service within 60 days with 20% non-refundable deposit.

Please note! You can get the payment surcharge, fees that depending on the payment method used, see overview below. 


Vintage-United provide you secure payment methods

- PayPal: Worldwide payment method.
  This is a online payment service, you can pay in a fast and secure way for all your online purchases, using your credit or debit card, both
  in your own country and abroad.

- Bank Transfer: International payment method.
  The EU residents SEPA countries. With this payment method, you can easily transfer the money to any account by tele-or online banking or with a transaction form.

  The Non-EU residents can easily make a payment by Wire Transfer based on the account information of the receiving party; account number, 
  IBAN and BIC/Swift codes from your own debit/credit account on the online payment page of your own Bank.
  Our account information:
  Leuvenstraat 35, 1066DZ Amsterdam
  IBAN: NL26INGB0007188610 / BIC: INGBNL2A
  ING Bank N.B.
  P/b 1800
  1000BV Amsterdam

- Credit Card: Visa; Master Card:  Worldwide payment method.
  When you choose to pay with Credit Card, you will be directly put through to the secured payment page of our payment provider Molly. 
  Molly uses 3-D Secure technology, it constitutes an extra step, which guarantees our safety and the safety of our customers. 
  All payments that are made through the 3-D Secure programme are guaranteed safer.

  For the security reason, we have a payment limit of 2000,-EUR for the purchases with the Credit Card. 

- Sofort Banking: can be used by customers from Germany, Belgium, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Poland and Switzerland.
  This method based on internet banking. When you choose to pay by Sofort Banking you will pay securely and directly by online bank transfer.

- IDeal: Only for Dutch residents and account holders.
  This way, you can pay for your online purchases in a fast, safe and easy way on the familiar online banking page of your own bank.

- Instalments Payment: Worldwide
  We are offering the Layaway Service at no extra cost! It gives you the opportunity to buy a designer item in therms of 60 days. 
  Layaway means that you can place an order and pay in instalments. You can make as many payment as you wish.
  We reserve your order until you have paid for it in full. Then we will ship your full order immediately after the final payment is completed.

- Here's how it works:

  When you found an item on the website and like to pay in Instalments, please notify us about your wish and contact us via e-mail: info@vintage-  
  Upon receipt of your requires with the indication and your preference for a matching amount/instalments period, we'll send you the Agreement for.
  Layaway with the instalments schedule, wait for your confirmation of the agreement and reserve the ordered item for you.
  Next we'll ask you to pre-pay 30% of the total amount via Bank transfer, PayPal or Credit Card. Please note, this amount is non-refundable!
  Layaway for rare, hard to find designer bags by Hermes, Chanel or Louis Vuitton we require 30% of down payment. 

  When we received the initial amount, the item(s) will be reserved for you and we'll put it on Layaway.
  You can make as many payment as you wish, it's up to you, but we suggest to pay your order in 3 Instalments.
  Next, we'll inform you how and when to make a payment with the exact amount for the each term. We'll send you an email with detailed instructions.
  The full payment needs to be made before or on the agreed upon date. When we've received the full payment we'll send the item your way!
  You will receive email conformation with the shipment details.

  Returns or exchanges are not accepted on Layaway orders. Please make sure you have all the information about the item and extra photo's to reinsure the item condition before making an enquiry for the Layaway Service.
  All Layaways must be paid within 60 days. If for some reason you cannot pay one of more instalments anymore, you should notify us about this instantly before the term ends.
  Any Layaways that not paid in full upon the expiration of the 60 days period will result in a cancellation of the order and the loss of your 20% or 40% down payment.
  Any layaway can be completed early by paying in full.
  Vintage-United reserves the right to make selected items unavailable for Layaway Service.

Please note! that depending on the payment method used, you can get additional payment fees, which Vintage-United cannot influence.

- Bank Transfer - free of charge for EU residents; 
- Bank Wire Transfer - service and curency charges of your own bank for Non-EU residents;
- PayPal + 4,7% surcharge worldwide. 
- Credit Card + 2,8% surcharge with the limit until EUR2000,- worldwide.
- Sofort - free of charge, for EU residents only;
- IDeal- free of charge, for NL residents only;
- Payment by Instalments - is free of charge, you only pay the additional surcharge depending on the payment method.

For the security reasons we only accept payments by Credit Card until 2000,- EUR
All the additional cost will be provided during the check-out. 


VINTAGE-UNITED is shop online and Fashion Resale Society to Buy & Sell authentic pre-owned and vintage
women's designer clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. We
 offer an unique way for renewing, trading or completing your wardrobe. 

When you shop on VINTAGE-UNITED, you shop for a good cause:  We support  When you shop on Vintage-United you support Save the Children fonds. 
We are only accepting for sell high fashion designer brands, 100% authentic luxury goods and vintage pieces that meets high quality
standards. We guarantee the authenticity of all designer items sold on VINTAGE-UNITED!

Great experience with selling and buying on Vintage-United. Just purchased an amazing Chanel dress.

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