Shop online and Fashion resale society to buy and sell Preloved Vintage Luxury Designer Fashion Vintage-United


1. Create your own account. SIGN IN  at Vintage-United.

2. Before you offer your items for sell. Please note! there are high demands concerning quality.

- We consider for sale only high fashion and Designer Brands.
- An item must be Authentic and in excellent condition or new and of top quality. 
- The items must be provided, if possible, with original packaging, tags or proof of purchase.
- Vintage-United controls and guarantees the authenticity of the items sold on the website.
  We work with a network of authenticity experts who help us to recognise any items that might be a cause for concern.​ 

3. Take a good pictures of your items.

  Take 5 pics of the designer items you would like to sell with the white background.
- Pic 1(front),
  pic 2(back),
  pic 3(label), 
  pic 4(detail proving the originality of your item),
  pic  5(extra detail)
- The pitchers can be taken as with a photo camera as with your smartphone and should be not bigger  then 2MB 

4. Submit your item(s) for Sell by filling in the SELL REQUEST  form

- Send pictures of your item, with a short description:
- Brand ;- size;- colour;- year of purchase / collection;- material;- condition;- measurements en retail value.

5. Give honest information about the condition of your items 

     We have the following condition parameters:
  - New - never worn, with retail tags as possible.
  - Mint - barely worn, shows minimal wear.
  - Excellent - has been worn a few times, shows minor wear.
  - Good - frequent wear, with a few visible imperfections.

6. The selling price on the website.

  We are going to valuate and defined the selling price of your preloved items based on the following   parameters.
- Original retail value.
- Collection or year of purchase.
- Condition of your items
- Original tags or packaging.
  Our Commission will be included in the selling price of the item.

7. Our Commission on Sell.

  Our commission varies depending on the sale price of your item.
  The commission rates set according to the price range.

- 30% for prices from 80 to 900 euro
- 20% for prices from 901 to 2900 euro
- 15% for prices from 2901 to 5000 euro
- 10% for prices above 5000 euro

- When you wish to use The Private Closet Service our commission is: 30% and not depending on the price range.

8. Private Closet Service

- You want to clean up your fashionable wardrobe. 
  But you have no time or experience to present your preloved items for sale in the right way.
- Let Vintage-United team do all the work, use our 
PRIVAT CLOSET SERVICE  and own 70% of the Sell value by doing Nothing.

9. We display your items online.

- Within 48 hours your item will be given a final valuation, described and uploaded on the website.
- It is our task to present your items in the best way possible.
- In addition we promote your items on the various social media to increase the sale.

10. Send Us a nice picture of yourself.

- In format 4x3, ten introducing yourself at Vintage-United towards our buyers.
- Add a short personal description of yourself: your profession, hobby's.
  This personal twist will create a trusted shopping environment for the buyers at Vintage-United

11. When your item is Sold.

- Once the sale of your item is confirmed by the buyer and completed, you will receive the Shipment label to send your item to us, free of charge.
- You will receive your payment within 14 days from the moment your item arrived to the buyer. 
  This delay is related to the legal return period in case of exception.
- The payment of your commission on sell will be transferred to your account two times a month, 
  you can expect it approximately every 1st day of the month and every 15th day of the month. 

  PLEASE NOTE!  You receive up to 90% of the Sell value of your preloved designer item.

Fill in the Sell Request form and submit your designer items for sell on Vintage-United

  Vintage-United determines which items will be sold on the web shop. Off course we'll do our best to increase the sale and keep you up to date!


VINTAGE-UNITED is shop online and Fashion Resale Society to Buy & Sell authentic pre-owned and vintage
women's designer clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. We
 offer an unique way for renewing, trading or completing your wardrobe. 

When you shop on VINTAGE-UNITED, you shop for a good cause:  We support  When you shop on Vintage-United you support Save the Children fonds. 
We are only accepting for sell high fashion designer brands, 100% authentic luxury goods and vintage pieces that meets high quality
standards. We guarantee the authenticity of all designer items sold on VINTAGE-UNITED!

Thank's to every one for your kind review. It mean a lot to us to know your opinion about our servic

i Just want to Thank you vintage united and special Thanks to Alessia for her friendly service,