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What is the value of a pre-loved designer bag

When you decide to buy or sell a Preloved bag, you are probably wondering;

  • How much is my bag really worth on the current resale market? or

  • Am I paying a fair price for the Preloved bag I am about to buy?

There are several parameters that define the value of a luxury designer bag.

Before we list a bag for sale on we take a close and critical look at the bag to estimate the right resale value.

Brand and Model

One of the most important factors when determining the value of a second-hand bag is the brand and model. Each brand has their own status level, quality, craftsmanship and specific models. If the bag is scarce, it can become iconic and therefore more covetable. Sometimes a bag can even become a collectors item. In that case this has a direct influence on the value of the bag.


Secondly material is a very important aspect that determines the value of a designer bag. The type of leather or fabric is very important.
Some leather types are higher quality, more durable or rarer than others. And that can make a bag more expensive. Just to mention some leathers; lambskin, calfskin, grained leather, suede, grained suede, crocodile, ostrich, snake. Some fabrics used to manufacture a bag; tweed, satin, cotton, line.
We usually examen the material and its condition in order to estimate what the bag might be worth on the current market.


Condition has a key role in your handbags value. Scratches, damage and any visible wear and tear on leather, hardware or interior will impact the value of your item. Depending on the extent and area of damage your bag could still be valuable even if its condition is a bit less than perfect. Usually, the better the condition of the bag, the more it is wort. Most of the bags sold on are preowned and only some of them are new. We are always clear and transparent about the condition of the items we list online to avoid any misunderstanding and a possible return.

Year of manufacture

Most of the luxury designer bags are claimed with a serial number. The serial number is a code that refers to the collection or year of manufacture. At the current resale market the serial number makes a difference in the value determination. Usually then younger the bag, the higher the resale price. There are also exceptions on this rule; there are some superior unique pieces that grow in value with the years. Just like a good wine, they became Vintage and even more expensive.
On we indicate the manufacture year of each item in the description.


When a bag comes with the original accessories the value can often increase. Original packaging, box or dust-bag  serial number card, extra strap or key-lock  We usually call that a ‘full set’. When a bag comes as a full set it will definitely increase the value of your designer piece. It also helps to determine the authenticity of the item and the value.

Proof of purchase

And at last; the original receipt, certificate, retail tags or other papers that are associated with the authenticity of the item will surely add value to your handbag. It is always recommended to keep them, especially if you intend to sell your bag in the future.
We always mention the number of the accessories that accompany a designer item and off course if there is a proof of purchase.

In conclusion; based on all this parameters you can be sure you are paying or getting the right price for your preloved designer bag.
Just to make it more clear for you fashionistas. There’re a few bags thats are sold in our shop to compare for instance;

Timeless Black grained leather CHANEL  Medium Double Flap bag with gold hardware. 

  • Iconic classic model, that always present in the Chanel collection.
  • Caviar leather is the most durable kind and most wanted.
  • This bag is in Excellent condition, It has a minor general signs of wear.
  • Year of manufacture: 2011 it’s not very fresh collection and will reflect the value of this bag.
  • Accessories. This bag include only the original dust-bag.
  • The serial number card is missing, that will reflect the value of this bag but it has been authenticated and includes Certificate of authenticity by Entrupy.
  • Proof of purchase: is not included with this bag, it will reflect it value.

The determine Sale value of this bag is 4450 EUR.

Classic Bordeaux Calfskin CHANEL Boy Medium Flap bag with Ruthenium hardware. 

  • Iconic classic model, that always present in the Chanel collection.
  • Calf leather is durable kind but it has edgy appeal.
  • This bag is in excellent condition, It has a minor signs of wear.
  • Year of manufacture: 2015 it’s a quite fresh collection that makes the value of this bag higher.
  • Accessories: This bag include the original box, dust cover and the serial number card. That increases the value of this bag.
  • Proof of purchase: receipt is included with this bag, it will increase the value.

The determine Sale value of this bag is 4800 EUR.



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