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What is the history of the iconic Chanel logo

The most recognizable symbols in the fashion world, two interlocking opposed C letters.

There must be a history of the Chanel logo, especially as women can spot those Chanel trademark even from a hundred yards.

According to the legend there are different theories about the origin of the Chanel Logo.

Apparently, Coco Chanel was not the first influential woman to use interlocking C’s as a symbol.
Queen Claude of France used a similar symbol at the Chateau Royal de Blois, and also Catherine de Medici after marrying into the French royal family.
But Gabriele Chanel definitely has made it eternally famous.

The first version, it’s came from the interlocking C’s found on the stained glass windows of the Château Crémat in Nice.

The second and most romantic, it was a merge of the initials of Coco Chanel and Arthur Capel “Boy”, who was the love of Chanel’s life and a founding business partner who financed Chanel’s first shop. Their romantic relationship continued until his tragic death in 1919, which was a devastating event for the designer.

The official story according to the fashion house founded in 1910, is that Coco Chanel designed the famous logo herself in 1925, finding inspiration from the geometric patterns of stained glass windows of a chapel in Aubazine, a monastery where Chanel grew up and spend most of here childhood.

Whatever the reasoning or inspiration behind it, the Chanel logo is one of those instantly recognizable symbols. Gabriel Chanel is an icon of style and elegance, and the interlocking CC logo became synonymous to luxury, wealth, and elitism.


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