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Why would you buy second-hand or vintage designer items when retail industry offers large choice of the High-Fashion brands. 

The reason is not only because of a limited budget, actually a lot of people with high income and even celebrities like to buy second-hand designer items and Vintage pieces. The main reason it's because they want to stand out and develop their own unique style. But there are more good reasons for filling your wardrobe with second-hand designer finds.

Celebrities love to wear vintage designer clothes and accessories.Kate Moss love to wear vintage and preloved designer clothes and accessories Chanel, Dior, Galliano

1. Own unique style

It's terrible when you turn up to a party in the same dress as someone else or pass someone in the street wearing the same outfit! Well, that's not going to happen if you buy second-hand clothing. It allows you to develop and express your own style, rather than looking like everyone else. If you rate style over fashion you will appreciate luxury second-hand and vintage clothing long before the fast Fashion. 

2.Good investment

Of course you can goo to the beautiful designer boutique where you will get an excellent service in return you will pay a full retail price for the item of your dreams. After the wearing this item just a few times you decide that you have enough of it, you don't feet it anymore or you simply would like to have something new in the place. But the damage to your wallet have all ready being don. How to avoid the big financial damage to your bank savings? You can build a wardrobe of high-quality designer clothes without paying a full price by investing in pre-owned pieces.
Used designer goods are very attractive for online consignment and you always get your price back with just a minimal lost. A specially if you will Sell, as we call it, "Investment Pieces".
You find out about what do's it mean in our following blog post.

Vintage trench coat ultimate investment piece find on Vintage-United
Classic Vintage Chanel bag is ultimate investment piece Vintage-United

3. The story behind every piece.

Its must be very intriguing just to realise that there is a story behind every preloved piece of clothing or jewellery. It's not just an item anymore but a luxury piece that was cherished by them previous owner and share happy and set moments of life with them.

Buy luxury second-hand vintage or new designer clothes bags and shoes online: Chanel bag, Louboutin pumps, Gucci boots, YSL dress

4. Fun

Shopping for luxury second-hand at the designer vintage boutiques and browsing at vintage stores is so much fun! You never know what you're going to find. There's nothing like the satisfaction of stumbling across an unexpected designer treasure. At one point it can became a great hobby, just like it happend to me.
You may have certain ideas in mind, such as wanting an affordable
Vintage Chanel bag or one of a kind Hermes scarf or this ultimate designer dress, and may strike lucky. But keeping an open mind means that you'll find some surprising delights in instead. 

5. Satisfying

Once you become devoted to second-hand shopping, you'll feel a real sense of satisfaction every time you buy a luxury item for less, believe me.
When you've found something that isn't in every store in every size and colour, it's very exciting. 
You are going to look for preloved treasures online and look for inspiration, because it's the easy way to browse around and not have to leave you personal space.
You also can even save more money, which is great for your bank balance. Also know that you will pay much lower margin on the item you love online compared to a store.  

6. Ethical and Durable

Second-hand shopping is also good if you care for a sustainable environment. You are giving preloved garments a second life. You're avoiding the need for more garments to be manufactured. The textile industry uses a lot of resources and often pays its workers very low wages. Buying second-hand means that the garments already made get more used,
so it is helping to safe our planet.

Wearing Preloved and Vintage Designer Fashion you stand out from the crowd!
You support a sustainable and ethical lifestyle. It's a fun, good investment and rewarding and exciting way to shop. 

What is the best Preloved of Vintage designer piece you've ever found? Share with us your experience.

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